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Nabilah JKT48 Complete Profile and Biodata

~ Birth Name : Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia
~ Nick Name : Ayu-Chin, Nabilah
~ D.O.B. : November 11, 1999
~ Birth Place : Jakarta
~ Height : 148 cm
~ Horoscope : Scorpio
~ Blood Type : B
~ Jikoushokai [Introductory Greetings] : "Haii!! My name is Nabilah ~ the chatterbox ~let's have fun together"
~ About Her : E-nergetic T-alkative B-aby. I bring smile to others ^^ 'coz as JKT48 members i bring happiness to everybody

JKT48's most energetic not to mention the youngest of all. Here's a mature testimonial from this little missy.

About Nabilah JKT48 Fact, Fakta, Foto

~ Religion : Islam
~ Favorite Color : Red, Pink, Brown
~ Favorite Cartoon : Doraemon, Fairy Tail
~ Favorite Sport : Basketball, Swimming
~ Favorite Subject : Science, Art, Religion, English
~ Favorite Food : Hot and Acid Food, Sushi, Tempura
~ Favorite Figure : Lady Day
~ Indonesian Idol : Agnes Monica
~ American Idol : Elvis Presley
~ Music Genre : Rock, Metal, Pop, RnB
~ Dance : Hip Hop, Break Dance
~ Hobby and Likes : Singing, Dancing, Acting, Travelling
~ Her complete name means that women are intelligent, like jewels and beautiful like a flower
~ "I want only one, do not you ever think negatively about me, think positive about me"
~ Nabilah is lisp
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Foto Nabilah JKT48

Foto Nabilah JKT48
Nabilah JKT48 Uban
Nabilah JKT48 Super Hero
Nabilah JKT48 with Melody "Hug"
Nabilah JKT48 on Stage
Nabilah JKT48 with Gym Ball
Nabilah JKT48 with Cute
Nabilah JKT48 with Beauty
Nabilah JKT48 as Magician
Nabilah JKT48 as Magician
Nabilah JKT48 kawai
Nabilah JKT48 V Pose
Nabilah JKT48 "Shiroi Shirt"
Nabilah JKT48 cute